Full Body Massage Etiquette

When going for your first body massage or any other type of massage for that matter, it is important to be aware of massage therapy etiquette. It will be a moment where you’ll be expected to relax and allow a professional to massage your body. Now, the biggest concern is knowing what is right and what is wrong during the massage.

Here is a guide to help you know how to behave during a full body massage:

What to Wear During the Massage

Before your massage session begins, the massage therapist will leave the room to give you time to undress to the level you are most comfortable. You will have the option of leaving your undergarments on or removing all your clothing. Before signaling him to get back to the room, you will lie on the massage table and cover your body using the provided linen.

During your massage, the massage therapist will use appropriate draping to ensure that you are comfortable, secure, and modest during the massage. He will cover the parts of your body that are not being massaged using a sheet or a towel which will also help in keeping you warm.

There are massage techniques such as Swedish massage where pieces of clothing such as the bra will interfere with the massage. The massage therapist will be forced to neglect the part of the body covered by the massage, which means you’ll not get full benefits from the massage.

For other types of massage such as sports massage, you can comfortably wear your sports bra and some leggings during the massage. Such types of massage involve a lot of body movement and would be best if your privates are covered.

What About Shaving?

Though shaving is a part of your hygiene practices, it is not a requirement that you shave before your massage appointment. What is important is to shower before your massage so that your body will not emit any unpleasant odors.

The massage therapist will have an easier time working on your body and you will be more confident knowing that you smell fresh. Do not be a part of the horror stories that the massage therapist will tell when talking about their experiences in massage therapy.

Don’t Endure, Enjoy!

At the beginning of your massage, it is normal to feel awkward and uneasy but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find the massage quite enjoyable. It will not even be a wonder if you fall asleep during the massage as a result of the deep relaxation caused by the massage.

The massage therapist will do all he can to ensure that you are comfortable during the massage. He will guide you on the best position for the massage and go out of his way to give you the best experience.

After your full body massage, you’ll experience deep restoration. It will make you realize how tired and strained you have been all this while. The energy surge increased productivity, and the feel-good experience is worth the cost you will have paid for the professional massage.