How to Succeed in Reputation Marketing


Though reputation marketing involves what other people say about your business, it will be wrong if you just sit back and accept whatever is posted. Reputation marketing will require you to manage the comments as well as any criticism that a customer posts so that in the end, you can create your desired brand image.

The following is a guide on how you can succeed in reputation marketing:

  • Building your reputation: A good reputation will not just happen without putting any effort. It is your responsibility to ask your customers to leave a positive review after the completion of a transaction. You should go through every review that has been posted regarding your business and if you notice a negative review, deconstruct it. After this, work on the area that made the customer leaves a negative feedback so that when next another customer writes a review regarding the same issue, it will be positive.
  • Marketing your reputation: After going through what your customers have posted regarding your business, you should take the word that appears the most in the negative reviews and turn it into something positive regarding your business.

For instance, a customer may say that your business is inconvenient; you will take this word and come up with a strategy to counter the negative word highlighting how convenient it is to deal with your business. In doing this, the bad review will be overshadowed by your post and you will be able to maintain a good image for your business.

  • Managing your reputation: To maintain the interest of customers in your business, you need t keep engaging them by initiating conversations that will keep flowing for a long period. If you notice a decline in the interest of your customers, you can come up with another strategy that could involve giving promotional discounts or even give away. Such tactics will maintain the loyalty of your customers for a longer time.
  • Monitor your reputation: You should always keep checking what has been posted regarding your business as many times as possible. This will help you to know if your business is moving in the right track or if there is an area that you need to work on. If you fail to properly monitor the reviews, a negative post may be posted and by the time you are noticing it, the damage could have already become too severe and it may be impossible to reverse it.

You need to give your clients a listening ear and any time they ask for improvement in a certain aspect of your business, work on it. This will show your customers that what they say matters and that their opinion counts. If it is a review that needs a modification, you will be able to do it before it ruins the reputation of your business.

Reputation marketing is all about listening and implementing what your customers demand if it is possible so that any new customer, who may be searching for a reputable business, may be pulled to you through the positive reviews posted online. Remember you are in business and your competitors are looking for the slightest opportunity to take advantage of any loophole to bring you down and rise higher.



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