Massage Therapy Benefits


The benefits of massage can be attributed to the effects that massage has on the body’s chemistry. The human body tends to respond to touch and the pressure of the massage and has measurable effects on these responses.

The responses that massage has on the body are chemical and not surgical, meaning that massage can be used to affect a person’s health and reduce the side effects of illness and injury. Massage therapy is beneficial for people of all ages. Whether a person is nervous, tense, overwhelmed, moody, in need of a good night’s sleep, wants to help deal with an addiction or pain or needs to simply be comforted, there is a type of massage therapy that can be used to help with these needs. For instance, deep tissue massage can be used to help people reach and stretch their lower back, shoulder, and neck muscles. “Ki” massage is also another type of massage therapy used to help relieve muscle tension and distress.

Massage therapy benefits the body by releasing endorphins, proteins that produce a feeling of well-being, and calcium into the bones. As the body blood cells are renewed and cleansed, they contribute to a person’s overall feeling of well-being. Also, massage helps to stimulate the circulation of blood and oxygen to the body parts. This in turn allows the person to feel relaxed and stress-free. Also, the increased circulation can help cleanse the body by removing wastes and toxins that accumulate in the blood and to cleanse the immune system.

Massage therapy helps to energize muscles that are inactive. It also helps to stimulate blood circulation throughout the body and throughout the body’s organs. As a result, the person feels more alive, relaxed, and energized. This ensures that the person feels vigorous and ready to participate in whatever physical activity and activities are planned for. Massage therapy also helps to reduce the effects of chronic pain. Common aches and pains such as back pain, neck pain, and others can be eased through the release of endorphins and calm the spirit. Also, the spirit is relaxed and more willing to participate in the themed program as it relates to the increased endorphin release and the Preliminary healing chakras of the body.

The recovery time required of massage therapy clients is quick, as most people are in and out of the office in a matter of hours. So, it pays to take advantage of this fast recovery time. After a massage, the body has not only been refreshed, it has been moisturized as the products of massage work the layers of skin and tissue to stimulate the circulation of both blood and lymph. Lymph drainage is assisted by massage, as the muscles and lymph nodes are stimulated to move and reduce static in each and every cell. This is also known to speed the healing process of injuries related to muscle spasms, tendonitis, sprains, stress, back strain, etc. Massage also aids in restoring the body’s natural balance. This equilibrium is affected by abnormal standing, sleeping, or sitting posture and needs to be restored. Also, orientation change such as from sitting to standing causes small stresses in the body that have not been isolated before massage therapy. Examples are new stresses from traveling, new stresses due to work, etc.

Massage therapy is very beneficial to the body and overall emotional state when it comes to the relaxation of tense muscles, the release of nervous or General pain, and fatigue. I find the most beneficial way to be relieved of muscle pain is doing a massage focusing on pain. Then concentrating on the release of nerve endings just below the skin as it relaxes the muscle fibers. This can help in reducing the amount of localized pain. Once the muscle is relaxed, then pressure is applied just below the skin. This helps in improving circulation and also pushes lymphatic fluid in all directions. This in turn cleanses the body and also promotes a strengthening, smooth flow of nutrients in the body.

The final results of massage therapy are a better overall balance in the body, relaxation of muscles, improved circulation, and lymphatic flow, secretion of digestive juices, and excretion of wastes. For many people, massage therapy is the most widely accepted means of relieving pain in the body. The comfort massage is done by using many different techniques and different methods. It is usually considered that the most effective massage formula is one consisting of warmth, medium or low pressure, application of lubricant, and massaging. It is also done in combination with several other techniques (Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, reflexology, acupressure, body scan, and footwear massage). It is also a form of social massage and an expression of a relationship in which both parties come together in order to support and nurture one another.

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